Firstly what the hell am I ?

I was born in 1985. I was child that is the naughty one its family. On my college years I was a boarding student in a close college to my parent's home and I was little bit shy but also satisfied. I went to a university which is in another city that is more far from my parents. I graduated from engineering faculty with my own carefreeness. Yes I was a little bit lucky.

As being that person who has improved himself mostly from open sources;

Macromedia Flash 5.0 was so popular when I met with web designing. I've met with programming with PHP and MySQL. When I go deeper inside of programming I was so fascinated with open source mind. I've supported Unix and various Linux distributions as I can.

I started to work on a job in Istanbul after university and I became a professional on programming in 2010 which was just an hobby for me before. I've coded Perl for 3 and half year at that job. Besides I wanted to keep myself close to PHP and I've got inside to framework ming with Codeigniter. I was excited and I've looked for new frameworks for a while. Even though I've met with DJango which is written with Python I didn't give point to it much because of my demand about to be free on design. I've worked on various automation systems those are intented for various sectors through the company I've worked for. Those automation systems were mostly intented for data mining and reporting.

Android environment that I've firstly met on job excited me a lot then I've got inside of Java world. Even though I did not write Java for a long time Maven framework and PrimeFaces components those are I made a habit of easily told me about Java things apart from Android. Also it made me search about similar frameworks for PHP then I met with Symfony and Laravel.

After this whole technic introduction what I'am excited to code?

I've understood in time it's so important not to be insistant about language choice. I should not be fixed to one language on various cases. It is more important to choose right language on specific cases. Also whatever sector you write code for software development is important but it is not important as to be bigest part of pie. Thus as trying to think as an end user rather than language that I'am coding I prefer to focus on what I'm coding for. Are people those support project trustable or not ? What is the gain of end product ? Otherwise coding that we attach importance to is just a part of project. That's the reality.

Best Regards..



PHP 95%

Java 65%

Android 70%

MySQL 95%

Perl 90%

Python 50%

Bash 80%

SQLite 95%


Unix 80%

Apache 70%

Nginx 70%

Tomcat 70%

Front-End & Design

Javascript 95%

JQuery 95%

CSS 95%


Hibernate 90%

Eloquent 70%

Doctrine 70%


Maven 90%

Primefaces 90%

Laravel 85%

Symfony 85%

Codeigniter 80%

Django 60%


Git 90%

SVN 90%

CVS 90%